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Last updated 2004-03-02

I am 3 classes away from my 4 year Business Degree at FAU. I've read alot of Ranger fiction from Rhyme and Reason to Times of Their Lives, Swarm, Plots, The Wandering Feather and so on A friend of my sister has Toon Disney and thus I have all but 2 episodes (A Lean on the Property and Battle of the Buldge) on VHS. Seer No Evil is my favorite. I watch my tapes frequently. I own Rescue Rangers I and II for NES and I play them alot- I can beat it quickly but its fun every time. My sis always plays as Dale :) I own a leather jacket not exactly like Chip's but its awful close and I wear it every day even though I live in Floida (summer weather year round) -still looking for a Fedora like his I'm reading Sherlock Holmes online (Hound of the Baskervilles for example) and I plan to buy one of his books soon.
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