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The Rangerphile Directory was last updated on 2011-06-29

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About the Directory

This page is meant to be an archive of all of the fans of the Rescue Rangers, known as "Rangerphiles", on the Internet. This list is meant to help all Rangerphiles keep track of, and keep in touch with, each other. Basic information included here for each Rangerphile is their name, nickname, e-mail address, webpage, Ranger code, and whether they think Chip and Gadget should become a couple. Additional information that may be included with the person's consent is their date of birth, gender, the state and country they live in, AOL IM screen names, ICQ numbers, favorite quote, biography, and picture. All Rangerphiles are listed in alphabetical order by their first names, instead of their last, since that is how most of us know each other best.

No information was included in this list about anyone without their explicit consent, however, if you find that any of the information included here about you is in error, out of date, or you want some information added or removed, please let the maintainer know by filling out the form on the sign-up page with the changes you would like to make, and they correct the problem as soon as possible. Also, if at any time you desire to be removed from this list, all you need to do is say so, and it will be done.

If you are not on this list, and would like to be, don't sit around waiting for an invitation! Just click this link to the Rangerphile directory sign-up page, fill out the form, click the submit button, and your information will be sent right to the maintainer. They will put you in the directory as soon as they can. Don't worry if you're not the biggest fan of the Rescue Rangers. All that is required for membership in the Directory is that you love the show, its characters, or both!

Effort will be made to keep this list up to date, but from time to time, it may fall behind, so please notify the maintainer of anything that is incorrect. If you move to a new e-mail address, let them know. If you get a new homepage, or update your existing one, let them know. If you find that you were not actually born on the date you gave, but were instead raised by a troop of baboons in the jungles of Africa, let them know! Nothing will be included here without the consent of its owner, so let the maintainer know!

Information Policy: Any information submitted is used solely for the purpose of displaying the information in the directory. You may request that your information be removed if you no longer want it displayed.
Email: dxkelly@sdf.lonestar.org

Lastly, if you have a Rescue Ranger related page, and you wish to include a link to this page, please do so! This directory wasn't created just to keep it secret.

Thank you.

Index of symbols and definitions

Information marked with these symbols has the following meaning.

(Blank) = The information either does not exist, or permission was not given for inclusion in the list.

(*) = The information may be in error.

(+) = Indicates that the member is new to the Directory

Official Rangerphile count = The total number of Rangerphiles who have officailly expressed their desire to be included in the Rangerphile Directory, and which are included here in this list.

Ranger Code = An invention of TheBoz, (Byron Crowe), to help other Rangerphiles quickly find out more about each other, in a way that could be included at the end of posts, or e-mail messages. If you don't have your own Ranger Code worked out yet, and you wish to do so, you can find out how here - http://rrdatabase.dyndns.org/~gadget/rrcode.htm.

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This page was last modified on 2011-06-29

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